United States Mounted Games Association

2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Annual General Meeting (2017) held at Kentucky Horse Park April 15th 2018

Melissa Swain, Shannon Andrews, Kaila Buck, Chris Booby, Sara Gardner, Mark Gardner, Clark Scott, Regina Scott, Stephanie Scott, Shelby Davidson, Annabelle Friend, Victoria Bailey, Kaia Baker, Caitlin Cooper, Zachary Cooper, Carol Jones, Pat Neuhauser, Clive Jones, Chris Centers, Lisa Talbot, Amy Davidson, Hannah Centers, Kenzie Dirks, Kristin Swan, Brian Swan, Monica McCoun, Melinda Defler, Kellye Boylan, Christian Love, Sadie McCoun, Reagan Merritt, Emma Boylan, Cambria Anderson, Jessena Defler, Joan Marchand, Clara Keck, Carley Swan,Mary Ledford, Melissa Ledford, Bella Pellet, Brian Atherholt, Rick Merritt, Leigh Crady, Julie Benson, Paul Greiling, Liz Englert, Cassie Greiling, Steve Koepeke.

Copies of last year's minutes were handed out, read and approved by all present.

Pat Neuhauser (treasurer) handed out copies of the financial report for USMGA 2017 and also Nation's Champs 2017.
USMGA are in the black. Nation's Champs were nearly in the black.
Pat thanked Paul and Liz for their continued support to help fund and promote games within America for USMGA.

As per our by laws the President's position is due for election this year. USMGA has one nomination which is Paul Greiling. Carol congratulated Paul and wished him well for his next term of office.

Carol congratulated all of the members who represented USMGA during 2017. They were asked to stand and were applauded by all present.
All of the teams did well and the riders were great ambassadors for their sport and country.
The first team of 2017 were:
Horse of the Year Show New Zealand
Shelby Davidson
Matisse Copeland
Bella Pellet
Meghan Raucher
James Bradley

Then at the beginning of July:
Open World Team Champs South Africa (A final):
Jen Naji
Joe Naji
Sara Gardner
Brian Atherholt
Cassie Greiling

Also in July :
Royal Welsh Show Builth Wells (3rd)
Bella Pellet
Kimi Fleming
Cassie Greiling
Brian Atherholt

In September USMGA hosted Nationís Champs at York EC:
Bella Pellet
Kimi Fleming
Cassie Greiling
Kaja Newell
Mary P Camp

Melissa Swain
Emma Boylan
Jessena Defler
Libby Butler
Jaycee Blythe

Individual riders at Nationís Champs
Meghan Raucher
Sadie McCoun
Kaia Baker
Matisse Copeland
Mary Ledford

U17 World Team Champs New Zealand (A final) December: Kaja Newell
Jaycee Blythe
Olivia Owen
Reagan Merritt
Emma Boylan

Paul announced that USMGA have started a group in Florida and monthly winter competitions there have been successful. Many new members, one rider, Joan Marchand made the trip to Blue Grass Open to compete, everyone welcomed Joan.

Paul read out the competition schedule which is posted on the website. There are extra competitions due to be posted which include a new venue in Georgia where there are riders who have requested clinics and a competition this will be held at the end of May. There will also be monthly competitions at York EC and Music City Competitions in Nashville these will be added to the schedule soon. USMGA are hosting Nation's Champs again this year in July, there will also be an individual competition there as per last year. Volunteers will be required to help with Nation's Champs please.

Pat asked everyone for their opinion on which form of communication was the most successful, email via yahoo group or the USMGA Facebook page. Everyone agreed that Facebook was used the most. Facebook will be USMGA's form of communication in future. Pat also suggested that members enter competitions by team not individually. Caitlin Cooper and Leigh Crady both disagreed with this as they sometimes need to look for riders to form a team therefore could not book as a team prior to the event. It was agreed to continue to enter competitions individually. Pat announced that future competition entries will be available to be booked online and the entry fee will be able to be paid via PayPal.
Carol suggested that at competitions, the briefing could be held on Friday evening instead of Saturday morning, this would be easier for everyone. Everyone present agreed with this therefore in future briefing will be held on the Friday evening.

Mark Gardner suggested that USMGA reduce the number of games or give a time limit during the Norman Patrick division as it takes longer than other divisions.
Pat, Hans and Carol all disagreed with this strongly. Hans said that the Norman Patrick division is our foundation for the future and we must build on that and nurture it. Carol asked how many riders present started out in NP, there were many hands shown. Caitlin suggested no lunch breaks to save time but Pat said that riders competing in both divisions would not have time for lunch, neither would officials. There was a discussion regarding an online poll on Facebook but Christian Love said that many young riders would not be on Facebook therefore that would not be a true result. Clive then suggested reducing games to eight instead of ten for all divisions per session. Everyone agreed with this.

Paul announced that USMGA will have a booth at Landrover three day event at Kentucky Horse Park. Volunteers are required to help in the booth. There will be a sign up sheet for anyone requiring clinics in the future.

Paul also announced that he has approached the organisers of World Equestrian Games to discuss USMGA hosting a demonstration competition and also a booth at WEG this year.

The meeting closed at 12.27pm