United States Mounted Games Association

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes


Paul Greiling, Liz Englert, Peppy Butler, Kelly Boylan, Delana Owen, Drew Leviton, Louise Leviton, Hans Kallenberger, Clive Jones, Carol Jones, Jennifer Crowl, Kelsey Crowley, Drie Mayo, Emma Bartnick, Kathy Taylor, Mackenzie Taylor, Jordan Evans, Cassie Greiling, Mark Atherholt, Ellen Atherholt, Brian Atherholt, Mary P Camp, Sissy Fleming, Libby Butler, Grace Butler, Olivia Leviton, Olivia Owen, Kimi Fleming, Emma Boylan Nancy Crowley.

1. Call to Order:
Paul Greiling welcomed members to the meeting.

2. Reviewing requirements for board members and introducing board members:
Paul announced that Grace Johnson and Peppy Butler had been invited to join the USMGA Board of Directors

3. Treasurer's Report:
The USMGA treasurer Pat Neuhauser was not present as her daughter has just given birth to a baby boy. The latest report was handed out to members but Liz stated that a full profit and loss statement would be available when it was completed by the accountant.
Paul mentioned that USMGA had been granted charity status which would be beneficial for sponsors of WTC.

4. Report on International Meeting:
Paul reported on the meeting, saying that due to his daughter's wedding he could not attend the IMGA AGM in France but used Skype instead, this was very successful last year in Florida, but unfortunately the French committee had not obtained cameras or microphones so the meeting could not be seen or heard well. Paul reported that USMGA had been given permission to host the Under 17 WTC in the fall of 2015.
Paul asked for feedback from members on a suitable date for this competition. Thanksgiving week was suggested as riders were off school.

5. Progress so far on WTC:
Paul informed everyone that 20 trailers and 40 campsite plots had been booked for the competition. Some teams had already sent commitment forms. Mary P Camp asked how many ponies USMGA had in the pool and how many would be required, Carol Jones said that at the moment there were 72 ponies but we would not know how many were needed until final team entries were submitted.

6. Committees and Description of Committees for WTC:
Liz said that USMGA would like to form working committees for WTC. Each committee's members would liaise with each other at least every two weeks and probably more frequently as the competition date approaches.
Kathy Taylor asked how she could help, Paul said to contact Carol Jones to assign to a committee.
It will cost an estimated $90,000 to put on WTC, the team entries will not cover this so it is important that we find sponsors, we already have a sponsor for pony travel, feed and hay so far. Mary P Camp suggested reaching out to tack stores to pay to advertise via banners around the competition arena. Ellen Atherholt stated that Dover etc., give sponsorship before the end of January. Sponsorship packets need to be circulated before then. Liz suggested that in kind donations would be helpful also.
Drew Leviton has kindly offered to arrange the live streaming of the event, this has become an important part of WTC and is now obligatory.

Any Other Business:
Liz said that USMGA would have a booth at the Pony Club Annual Meeting in January. She will show games videos and take equipment, Liz asked for any suggestions for the booth.
Ellen Atherholt asked what the rule was for voting new members onto the USMGA committee, Liz said that committee members were required to have organised competitions, worked for the association and been members for at least two years prior to being voted on by the current board.

The meeting closed at 8.50 pm