United States Mounted Games Association

Qualifying Information

Tryout riders should mail their forms and deposits to:
Julie Benson
3807 Hambletonian Rd.
Lagrange, KY 40031
or via e-mail to: juliann.benson01@gmail.com for forms and deposits via PayPal to: usmga1042@gmail.com

Excerpt from our Bylaws on Eligibility

Article I: International Eligibility: Riders for national teams or international teams must meet the selection criteria governed by the Board of Directors.

  1. To be considered for national or international team competition member must complete an application form. The rider must have been a USMGA member the previous year as of January 1, and competed in at least three USMGA competition the previous year.
  2. A deposit and membership for the following year will be required to confirm commitment; The deposit will be credited toward to riders next USMGA competition if not selected. Riders who are selected for a team but decide not to accept the selection will forfeit their deposit.
  3. Riders must commit to meeting the practice schedule of the team. Riders must show excellent games skills and have the willingness and ability to switch ponies. All try-out riders are required to follow the bit rule in the IMGA rulebook. Selection will not be solely dependent on tryouts; competitions, clinics, and other games events can be a factor for selection. The member must show good horsemanship, sportsmanship, and a respect for coaches and peers as well as having an active role in USMGA through helping organize clinics and competitions.
  4. The top riders will be considered for an international team depending on their ability to meet the practice schedules. Members must show responsible behavior and show an understanding of the diplomacy expected of a representative of the United States.

Article 2: All selected riders and parents of riders under 18 years must carefully review and sign a contract that sets the standards of conduct and participation before they are accepted for a team. Riders who do not meet the terms of their contract will be dismissed from the team and replaced with an alternate rider. All fees paid will be forfeited. (See Appendix A)

Article 3: Riders will be responsible for their own expenses and the expenses of their coach during international travel. Riders under 18 must either provide a chaperone or pay for the expenses of a chaperone to travel with the team.

Article 4: Team selection is at the sole discretion of the coach. The coach will advise the board as soon as the team is selected.