United States Mounted Games Association

Be a Sponsor

Exciting Sponsor Opportunity!

  • 2015 IMGA Team Championships will be held in the USA for the first time since 2003!
  • An exciting competition with 23 teams from around the world! A 3 day long clash of Mounted Games titans, full of heart racing action.
  • Banner advertisement on the ring railing at the event.
  • Options to sponsor teams, ponies, races, prizes, after-hours activities and so much more!
  • Reach the international riding community by showing your commitment to equestrian athletes.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Your company logo and website url link on the front page of the USMGA web site.
  • Corporate name/logo included in selected promotional material (print/radio/TV) for competitions held around the United States.
  • Banner advertisement on the ring railing at events.
  • Your logo on USMGA t-shirts, saddle pads and hats.
  • Reach the national riding community by showing your commitment to equestrian athletes.
  • Create a positive local and national public image of your company.

Where do sponsorship dollars go?

  • Helps cover cost of entry fees for overseas competitions. Because USMGA is a non-profit organization riders must pay for the cost of travel, room and board, training expenses, uniforms and rented ponies.
  • Your dollars will help USMGA to cover costs of providing quality competitions for young riders all over the United States.
  • By sponsoring the United States Mounted Games team you will also help dedicated young equestrians to compete at international competitions like: 2011 Royal Welsh Show, 2011 World Team Championships in Denmark, 2012 World Team Championships in Wales, 2013 World Team Championships in New Zealand.

Become a Sponsor

You can sponsor a rider individually. You can also sponsor us by providing shirts, saddle pads and other equipment. Contact Paul Greiling.