United States Mounted Games Association

United States Mounted Games Constitution

United States Mounted Games Association Mission Statement

The United States Mounted Games Association was formed to inspire and encourage interest and to increase participation of Mounted Games in the United States. Our mission is to increase the number of riders involved, enhance the image of games as a spectator sport, and continually improving the quality and quantity of our competitions, while keeping safety and fairness a top priority. USMGA aims to provide a unique niche in equine sports by keeping games financially accessible to the general public.

In order to further this mission, USMGA will:

Protect its horses and riders by strictly enforcing established rules that will govern all USMGA-approved events, as to reflect the natural ability of horses and riders. Provide educational opportunities to improve the skill level of riders. Promote proper sportsmanship between riders and teams.


Article I: There shall be graduated membership levels for riders and non-riders as specified by the Board of Directors.

Article 2: Annual Membership term begins on January 1 ends on December 31 each year. Renewed memberships are due by March 31 or the membership will be suspended and a late fee added.

Article 3: Members may be of any age. Each regular member who has passed their 15th birthday and who is in good standing with USMGA will have one vote at any members' meeting. To be in good standing a member must have their dues paid and have active participation in riding or organizing other USMGA events.

Article 4: Membership entitles all members to participate in USMGA events.

Article 5: Members of USMGA can at any time be expelled or suspended in accordance with such USMGA regulations as the Board of Directors adopts.

Article 6: Members may submit complaints and proposals for rules or competitions to the Board of Directors; however, only the Board of Directors shall discuss and vote on the proposal unless the Board of Directors agrees to allow a vote at a members' meeting.

Article 7: The Annual General Meeting for members will be held at the first major USMGA competition of each year.

General Rules for Board of Directors

Article 1: The USMGA Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers: the President, the Treasurer and the Secretary, plus a Director for each playing region plus up to five Elected Directors plus the USMGA Coach as an ex officio member. The President, Treasurer and Secretary will each serve for a period of four years and will be eligible for re-election at the end of their term of office. The Director for each playing region will be elected by the members of the relevant playing regions for a period of two years and will be eligible for re-election at the end of their term of office.

The Elected Directors will serve for a period of two years and will be eligible for re-election at the end of their term of office.

Duties of Officers are as Follows:

President: The President shall lead the Board of Directors and shall oversee the affairs of USMGA. The President may sign contracts or other Board of Director's authorized instruments. The President shall also serve as an ex-officio member of all committees and shall make all required appointments of standing and special committees subject to a majority approval of Board of Directors. At the Annual General Meeting the President shall communicate to the members such matters and make such suggests as promoting the welfare of USMGA. The President shall be entitled to vote only when the vote of a meeting is equally divided.

Secretary: The Secretary shall create and maintain books for the minutes of the Board's proceedings, provide that all notices are served in accordance with bylaws, be custodian of USMGA's records and provide said records when requested, authenticate any records, provide minutes to board by email within 2 weeks of meeting, and keep a current register of the addresses of all members of the Board of Directors.

Treasurer: The Treasurer has all responsibility of funds and securities of USMGA, receive and give receipts for money due to USMGA, deposit money in USMGA account, and submit the records to a Certified Public Accountant or other accountant for annual review. The Treasurer shall report on the financial condition of USMGA at all meetings of the USMGA Board of Directors, at the Annual General Meeting, and other times that the President requests. The Treasurer shall chair the Finance Committee if necessary. The Treasurer will keep an updated list of current members who have paid their dues.

Executive committees may be formed from members of the Board of Directors and from other members of USMGA to organize and support specific events and goals of USMGA.

Article 2: Only the Board of Directors may change the Bylaws of USMGA and at least 2/3 of the Board must agree to any amendment of any USMGA rule.

Article 3: Any member of the Board of Directors who is absent from more than two regular Board of Directors' meetings will be considered a belated director and will be replaced by a Board of Directors' vote. Certain exceptions apply, but cases must be presented to the Board of Directors.

Article 4: Directors' meetings may be held by physical presence or by conference call or email. It is the duty of all Board of Director members to reply within 4 days.

Article 5: The Board of Directors will designate coaches for USMGA international teams.

Article 6: The Board of Directors will review the appointment of coaches and chaperones if complaints are made to USMGA regarding their conduct.

Article 7: All Directors are expected to be available to help with the organization of any USMGA competition held in the US.

Article 8: The President or at least three other Directors may call a Board of Directors' meeting and a minimum of 2 weeks notice shall be given to the other Board of Directors members.

Article 9: All Directors will be assigned to network with other organizations promoting Mounted Games.

Article 10: No member of the USMGA Board of Directors may participate in or attempt to influence any decision by USMGA affecting his or her own personal business interests or use his or her official position for personal gain.

Article 11: All matters discussed by the Board of Directors are to be held in strictest confidence. Failure to respect such confidence may result in removal from the board. This applies to the announcement of teams that are chosen to represent USMGA. Only the coach is designated to share information with members of USMGA.

Article 12:

  • Elections for the President will be held in 2018 and every four years thereafter.
  • Elections for the Secretary and Treasurer will be held in 2016 and every four years thereafter
  • Elections for elected board members shall be held every 2 years on even numbered years.
  • Nominations for any Officer or Elected Director position must be submitted to the Board of Directors at least 28 days before the date of the AGM at which the election is to be held.
  • Candidates must be nominated by another member of USMGA in good standing. To be eligible for nomination for any position, the candidate must be a member of USMGA in good standing and have been involved with USMGA for at least two years. Nominees must have helped at or organized at least one USMGA competition. Candidates must expect to commit a substantial amount of time towards USMGA.
  • The nominations will be voted on by the members present at the AGM. In the event of the members at the AGM not approving any of the candidates, nominations will be re-opened and a new election will be held at a meeting to be held within 8 weeks.

Article 13: Vacated positions on the Board of Directors may be filled by majority vote of the Board of Directors

Guidelines for General Meetings

Article 1: To exercise voting privileges, a member must be physically present at the meeting.

Article 2: There will be an Annual General Meeting held at the first major USMGA Mounted Games competition each year. The agenda of the Annual General Meeting will include:

  • Reading of the last meeting's minutes
  • Treasurer's report
  • Election of Officers and Board Members
  • Old Business
  • Competition schedule for the current and for the upcoming year
  • New Business

Article 3: The Board of Directors may convene an Extraordinary General Meeting by giving 21 days notice of the meeting to all members. The notice must provide details of the time, date and location of the meeting and details of the matter(s) to be discussed. Such notice will be deemed to have been given if it has been sent to the registered email address or postal address of each member.

Article 4: The Board of Directors must convene an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held within 42 days if requested to do so by over 30% of the members of USMGA. Requests to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting must be made in writing to the Secretary and must state the subject of the meeting to be held.

Updated August 8, 2017